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To help you, we have put together a set of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about the training:

How does it work?
What if I don't know what I want to do?
When do I get my qualification?
What if I can't achieve the level required?
Who can do them?
Who do they suit?
The benefits of NVQ's (QCF)
How do I get started?

How does it work?

The first step is to establish what you want to achieve and to do this we visit you at work and talk to you about your role and try to see how this matches to the NVQ (QCF) you are interested in.

What if I don't know what I want to do?

Don't worry if you're not sure what you want because we will help you by asking you questions and matching what you tell us against the national standards.

The next step is to provide you with an assessor who is experienced and qualified in the same field of work as you. The assessor will visit you at work on a regular basis and carry out assessments. The assessor will do assessments - by observing you for instance. You will also need to produce 'evidence' of your performance at work and this will be kept in a file or 'portfolio of evidence'. You may be asked to write case studies, answer written questions or carry out projects. All the methods used will be agreed in advance with you and your assessor - so don't worry if you're not too confident!

When do I get my qualification?

You need to agree some targets with your assessor and keep reviewing this to make sure you are making good progress.

When your assessor is satisfied that you have produced sufficient evidence to demonstrate your competence against the national standards, you are given unit credits. These build up to complete a full award.

What if I can't achieve the level required?

Your assessor will help you and offer advice to you and your employer on how to improve your skills to bring you up to the level required.

The whole process works as a partnership between you, the assessor and your employer. At the end of it you will receive a certificate for a full NVQ (QCF) or individual units.

Who can do them?

Technically, anyone can do an NVQ (QCF) as long as you are in the line of work you wish to be assessed in.

Who do they suit?

NVQ's (QCF) are ideal for people who would prefer to work in a 'hands on' way rather than attending college over a long period of time. They provide you with accreditation for the work you do and give formal qualifications that show future employers, colleges and universities what you are capable of.

The benefits of NVQ's (QCF)

  • There are NO formal entry requirements.

  • FLEXIBILE learning - you can work at your own pace and achieve in a time suitable to you.

  • EQUAL ACCESS - the ethos around NVQ's (QCF) is to be fair and promote open access - we take into account special requirements including physical and learning disabilities.

  • PROGRESSION - you can move up to different levels as your career progresses - NVQ's (QCF) start from Level 2-5.

How do I get started?

If you think the NVQ (QCF) route is for you or if you are interested in any of the short courses on offer then please contact us for information, or email us your enquiry.

In most cases, employers sponsor their staff to undertake these courses and it is strongly recommended that you talk to your manager or supervisor to check this.

Of course, if you wish to fund yourself we will discuss any funding options that may be available for you.

As NVQ's (QCF) are work related you will need permission to allow assessments to take place at your workplace.


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